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Is Hoover Bringing Russia Food or Reaction?


"Is Hoover Bringing Russia Food or Reaction?"
by A.C. Freeman
New York Call Magazine, Aug. 7, 1921, pp. 1, 11.

This article in the weekly magazine section of the New York Call questions Herbert Hoover's recent announcement that the American Relief Administration would begin work feeding starving children in Soviet Russia. Freeman notes that the previous policy of Hoover's ARA had been "millions for counterrevolutionary emigres, but not one cent for the starving children of Soviet Russia" and that Hoover is said to have boasted that he "never fed a Red."
While acknowledging that Hoover might actually possess "an altogether unsuspected quality of humanity in his character," Freeman notes the recent comments of Hoover's "henchman" T.T.G. Gregory in The World's Work magazine in which Gregory indicates that "acting under Hoover's orders and with his full approval, he utilized his position as controller of the food supplies of Central Europe in order to carry on active intrigues for the overthrow of the Hungarian Soviet government."
Freeman charges that "the preservation of millions of human beings from death by disease or starvation was only an incidental and comparatively unimportant item in Mr. Hoover's fundamental scheme of throwing back the red wave. And, in order to realize this scheme, he was just as willing to starve the children of Russian and Hungary as he was to feed the children of Poland and Austria."
Freeman relates Gregory's tale of swindling the Hungarian Soviet government out of a payment of $1 million for foodstuffs to feed the starving. Freeman asks: "Is Mr. Hoover trying to bring about in Russia the same counterrevolution and White Terror which he succeeded in bringing about in Hungary? His whole record, considered in connection with the present situation in Russia, would seem to point to this conclusion."

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